© 2022, Harpy Films B.V.
We are…
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We are…

Harpy Films translates real stories to powerful content to leave a clear message and create an impact. We are not afraid to take it one step further and to push boundaries. It can be crude and it can touch a nerve. In our content we are not bound to the restrictions of life. We won’t sugarcoat anything, unless it has a clear function. We are getting our inspiration from simplicity and look for our freedom in creativity. Our stories appeal to the imagination and surprise you.
We are open minded in our content as well as in our approach, even though our inspiration or background might be very local. On top of that we make artistry accessible and we are okay to do things slightly different than the standard, because that’s who we are.

We dream…

We connect. We utilize unique strengths and talents and we reinforce each other by doing so. Together we dream about creating a safe space for all of this. We found our own strength in disadvantages. Even though it made us stronger, it’s not what defines us. We dream about creating opportunities. For everyone. You can call it inclusive. We call it normal.


We strive…

Right after graduation Charlotte started her first film production company. After a few years of experience and working for and with other producers on several film projects, Charlotte continued under the name of Harpy Films. Meanwhile, she was approached by Suzanne, with whom she went to university together. Suzanne had worked as an event manager after she graduated, but was eager to get back into the film industry. In September 2021, the collaboration between Charlotte and Suzanne became official and together they started to take the company Harpy Films to the next level.

With a touch of the typical southern Dutch welcoming feeling (a.k.a. ‘gezellig’): we are transparent and respectful. We are ambitous, passionate and full of energy.

We’ve got the balls to take risk.

We strive.

We create…

We believe in good stories and good content and that’s why we also believe that the medium should serve the story. That means that we are not restricted to either fiction or documentary or any other type of medium. To us ‘film’ is merely a container term for all these different media and styles. And just like we don’t believe in constraints in our stories, we don’t believe in constraints in our approach, the origin or the people we work with. Is it impossible? It’s still possible. We make it happen.