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As Requested
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As Requested

About This Project


Due to her autism, 11-year-old Maya is not understood by her surroundings, and society tries to fit her into a socially acceptable mold.

A short film written and directed by Myrte van der Molen

In a colorful room filled with drawings, clay creations, and imagination, a girl lies restlessly under her bedcovers. Sweating and out of breath, she calls out to her mother. She’s feeling sick, she says, and can’t go to school. But her mother isn’t fooled. With reluctance, Maya (11) eventually heads off to school. Fortunately, her best friend Kiera is there. Together, they can escape into a world brimming with fantasy and color. However, beyond this world lies the adult world. This world, with its cold colors, stands in stark contrast to Maya’s world. In this world, Maya is also misunderstood.

Her parents and teacher send her for an evaluation at the mental health clinic, but during a session of creative therapy, it all becomes too much for Maya, and she storms out. Her parents, Dina and Aaron, can’t fathom this behavior and are at a loss. When things at home reach a breaking point, Maya decides to conform in order to make her parents proud and keep the peace at home. The therapy seems to be working, as Maya appears to function better in society. Her parents are proud. But for those who look closely, they can see that something very precious has been sacrificed in the process.


Original title: “Op Verzoek”




Maya: Danii Merx

Kiera: Poppy Anaïs

Dina: Terence Schreurs

Aaron: Roeland Fernhout

Juf Ingrid: Carly Wijs

Peter: Daniël Boissevain

Yvonne: Mieneke Bakker




Writer & Director: Myrte van der Molen

DoP: Jeroen Bronckers & Rob Willemsen

Sound: Ivo Bemelmans

Gaffer: Emiel Chung & Harry Hovers

Production Design: Bas Giesen

Costume Design: Sanne Puyk

Line Producer: Vincent Konings



With the support of:

The Netherlands Filmfund

Limburg Filmfund

Gemeente Rotterdam


Fiction, Short