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About This Project


Short drama piece about grief and family dynamics 

A short film written and directed by Terence Schreurs

Four brothers, Bobby, Coco, Sandy, and Jamie Bax, unexpectedly receive a letter from the notary shortly after their father Johan passed away. They are forced to clean out their parental home due to an interested buyer. The boys grew up in a close-knit family with its own, sometimes typically Amsterdam, dynamics. They saw or spoke to each other daily, though the conversations were never deep, and showing emotions was avoided. After their father’s funeral, each went his own way. After two months, they see each other again for the first time at their parental home. Tensions between them become increasingly apparent until Jamie breaks and takes a significant risk by sharing his feelings, putting his bond with his brothers on the line. None of them ever learned how to talk about their feelings, leading to a physical confrontation. But behind all the shouting and the noise, lies hidden truth.




Writer and director: Terence Schreurs

Producers: Wolf’Qademy & Harpy Films

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Shooting Countries: The Netherlands

Type project: Short fiction film (18 minutes)



Fiction, Short
Post Production