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About This Project


An extraordinary boy leads the way to finding true happiness in life.

Marc and Suzanne became second time parents in 2011, but something was wrong with their baby boy Coen. He looked funny and he seemed to have plenty of physical problems. Marc was even afraid to get attached to his son, he was scared that he would have to give him up soon after he was born. He was so scared that he couldn’t even hold him at first.


A terrifying and unsure time came. What was wrong with Coen and why couldn’t the doctors figure it out? After a long medical adventure, Coen was finally diagnosed with the extremely rare disorder The Bohring-Opitz syndrome. This diagnosis had a great impact on the family and on their lives. Not only Marc, Suzanne and their first born son Ties struggled with this, also the rest of the family was extremely worried. This was also the case for their cousin Charlotte. The family was really close and especially with her uncle and godfather Marc, Charlotte felt a close connection.


There is no denial this diagnosis had great impact on the family. However, along the way, something changed in their mindset. This appeared to be an example for the rest of the family, with Charlotte in particular. She decided to make a film about her aunt, uncle and cousins. Despite the fact that the situation was difficult, the family seemed truly happy together. Sometimes maybe even happier and stronger than other families.


In this film Charlotte starts the search for her own happiness by following her family: Marc, Suzanne, Ties and Coen. What is it that makes them so happy and strong? How can this be an example to others?




Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award

Docs Without Borders Award

Semi-finalist at the Atlanta Doc Fest


Screened at festivals in the US, Spain, Canada and Brazil.

Broadcasted by the Dutch Broadcaster: VPRO



Watch the Dutch version of the film on www.2doc.nl/kuluut.

The English version is online on YouTube via this link.

Kuluut is also part of The Disorder Channel, which is available to the millions of homes with a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.





  • Producer: Charlotte Driessen
  • Director: Charlotte Driessen
  • Camera: Joardy Tummers, Marvin Beumer
  • Edit: Charlotte Driessen, Joardy Tummers, Marvin Beumer
  • Color grading: Hans Nellen
  • Subtitles: Charlotte Driessen, Annabel Bromley
  • Music composer: Djuri Boot Music Productions
  • Singer Songwriter: Bregje Postelmans
  • Runner: Shamala Kotte


Documentary, Midlength