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The Sound of Sunset
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The Sound of Sunset

About This Project


When his father Zephyr is on the verge of turning into a tree, Silas realizes that he only has until sunset to mend his relationship with his father. However, in the meantime, he is losing his connection with his son Embla.

A magical realistic short film written and directed by Vincent van den Ouden

On a late autumn afternoon, sunlight filters through the leaves of neatly planted trees, softly rustling in the breeze. In the distance, the sound of a flute can be heard. Silas walks along a path surrounded by trees, lined up in perfect rows, with his elderly father Zephyr and his young son Embla. While the old man struggles to move forward and the child dances gracefully along the paths, Silas rehearses his speech. The trees rustle as the trio passes by. While Silas is annoyed by what he perceives as his son’s feminine behavior, it seems to amuse old Zephyr. This surprises Silas greatly, who clings to his speech paper as the wind sways to Embla’s recorder music. It’s clear that Silas and his father have grown estranged from each other. Silas tries unsuccessfully to address his father to speak his final words to him. As the sun sets, his father will transform into an oak tree. His frustrations mount, ultimately erupting into an angry outburst directed at his son Embla. Will Silas manage to establish genuine contact with his father for the last, and perhaps the first, time?

Original title: “Zo klinkt de Zonsondergang”








Writer & Director: Vincent van den Ouden



With the support of:



Fiction, Short